super 8 films

super 8 films

Super 8 is a motion picture film format created by Eastman Kodak in 1965. It's a beautiful video medium that captures colors in the loveliest way and doesn't record sound at all. It's nostalgic and feels like home, even if you didn't grow up with it because you were born in the 90's like us.

Simply, we shoot on Super 8 film because it allows us to document love stories how they deserve to be told.  

As storytellers, journalists, documentarians; we capture moments as they are, rather than curating the perfect scene. Instead of being guided purely by aesthetics, we are guided by emotion first, and aesthetics second.

Inevitably with this style of documentation, we find that the most beautiful images - and more importantly the ones that are cherished for decades and generations to come - always end up being those that captured the most emotion.

If you want a wedding film that feels more like a home movie and not a Hollywood production,

we'd absolutely love to document your story.


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