Back before we were a photo & video team, I (Sara) was photographing a beautiful elopement in the California redwoods. It was ten in the morning and the scattered light was shining through the trees. As soon as the couple & I found the perfect opening in the trees for their ceremony, the two videographers they hired spent the next half an hour setting up 4 different cameras. To passers-by, it must have looked like a movie production.

This couple was so ready to say their vows and be married. You could see the pure joy and excitement fade as the videographers kept reaching into their bags for more equipment, and even at one point had to hike back to the car to get a microphone.

If you're like us, the idea of starring in a full production, highly polished wedding video just doesn't get you excited. Here's our alternative approach.

You should be focused on each other, not the big production set around you. We want to capture the important moments, not take away from them.

We believe in telling the story of your day as it happened, not just making you pose for the camera. 

These videos are a time machine designed to take you back to the day you decided on forever - and all of the feelings that came with it.

Our goal is to make wedding films that feel like a home movie and not a Hollywood production; videos that focus on how it feels, not how it looks.

Super 8 is a motion picture film format created by Eastman Kodak in 1965. It's a beautiful video medium that induces nostalgia, even if you didn't grow up with it because you were born in the 90's like us. We shoot on Super 8 film because it allows us to document love stories how they deserve to be told.

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