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 head due north

I approach photography with an adventurous, intimate, and organic style. When it comes to editing, I'm inspired by the tones of the earth and the look of film. Wide shots that showcase the dramatic landscape and environment of your wedding or session location are my absolute favorite.

I aim to capture the raw and real moments that happen in between the poses to reflect your unique personalities, relationship, and love for each other. While I want to provide you with beautiful images you will cherish for the rest of your lives, I also want to create a fun and intimate experience that feels like falling in love all over again.

It's important to remember what you looked like during these photos, but it's more important to remember how you felt.


hi there, i'm SARA

Let me be your guide.

In being authentic. Be unique, be do you. I just hope I'm lucky enough to come along for the ride.

Travel is good for the soul. Fresh air, dirt, sunlight, and the wind in your hair - let's adventure together.

In being spontaneous - where should we go today? Close your eyes and pick somewhere, anywhere, and let's go.

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