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Your wedding day is all about you and your favorite person coming together, celebrating your unconditional love and commitment. Forget all of the expectations of the people around you -  you deserve to celebrate your way.

Whether that means eloping in the mountains and getting matching tattoos after the "I do's," or saying your vows in an elegant venue and inviting two hundred of your favorite people, you deserve to get married the way that makes you feel the happiest, regardless of the expectations of the people around you.

However you decide to celebrate your love, I'd love to come along and document your story.

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AKA a big party to celebrate your love! The guest count is one of the biggest contrasts between an elopement and a wedding. Weddings will also have more traditional aspects present; like a bridal party, a reception, a DJ, etc., while an elopement probably won't. If being surrounded by all of your friends and family is your biggest priority, having a larger wedding will be the way to go!

The Whole Shabang



If you look up the word "elope," you'll see this definition: "to run away secretly to get married." But eloping is seen very differently today. Eloping means getting married 100% on your terms, and with very few guests (if any at all). An elopement is a wedding ceremony that usually takes place in an epic location and after the "I do's," the couple gets to celebrate their love however they want!

Just the Two of You


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Kind Words

"Sara is AMAZING. If you’re thinking about hiring her - DO IT. Don’t think, just DO IT!"

" Sara and Ryan were such a fantastic part of our special day."

"We didn't feel pressured to pose a certain way or act a certain way, we just got to spend the special day loving on each other."

"We decided to hire her for our wedding and we couldn't be happier with our photos."

"WOW. Our expectations are beyond exceeded."


Your photos are an investment

Photographs will be the tangible evidence you're left with of your special day - not just evidence of how pretty your decor was or how breathtaking the location or venue you chose was - but of how you felt, the story of your day, and your love for each other.



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